Link Explosion craves imitation crab meat.

by Caleb Reading


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Real ad campaign from the 50s: drink our coffee or Jim Henson will kill you. (homicidal muppet videos here, more info on the campaign at superpunch)

Japanese company Genepax built a car that runs on water.  They claim it goes 80kmph (~50 mph) for 1 hour on 1 liter (~1 quart) of water. (uniquedaily)

I have a new favorite keyboard cat video. (warming glow)

Wanna see a cat trying to walk with masking tape stuck to him?  Shut up, yes you do. (ohhaveyouseenthis)

Hands Down, The Best Facebook Vanity URL (techcrunch)

Crazy (NSFW) story from Dan Savage. (thedailywhat)

We could cut the incidence of PTSD in our combat troops by over 50%, and here’s how. (neuronculture)