Link Explosion won’t lie to you; there’s an asteroid headed toward the Earth, and you only have four days to live.

by Caleb Reading

The video above is comedian Eugene Mirman’s commencement speech for the 2009 Lexington High School graduating class. (buzzfeed)

Awesome Jay Mohr and Tracy Morgan PCP story (video here)

I need to get a cane. (Brad Neely)

A cat who enjoys playing the piano has had a piece of chamber music written for her by acclaimed Lithuanian conductor. (BBC)

Baby white tiger is cute, possibly retarded (videogum)

New type of cloud discovered (article stupidly devoid of pictures here, pictures here)

Slideshow of the Derinkuyu Underground City (MAKE)

Dartanion London demonstrates how to dance to “Wildcat” by Ratatat. (via theduty)