Link Explosion will do it live.

by Caleb Reading

"Rainbow Bloodbath" by Jude Baffum

"Rainbow Bloodbath" by Jude Baffum

(picture source)

“NBC local news reporter Brandon Lewis braves extreme sprinkler conditions to bring you an important breaking story.” (buzzfeed)

Shirtless Italian guy spits popcorn kernals at a flaming torch.  This is a very specific fetish. (ohhaveyouseenthis, video below, and yes, it’s possibly fake)

Funny pictures: Congratulations, Jim and Today’s word is make.

How to put your balls on Eminem: A Practical Guide (cracked)

Architect Sergio Santos turned a 77 square foot closet into an apartment with $64 and scrap materials. (slideshow here; article here)