Memorial Day Link Explosion

by Caleb Reading


Laser cut money from Scott Campbell's "Make It Rain" exhibition

(picture source)

I didn’t feel like writing individual posts for each of these articles/videos.

  • This is the coolest optical illusion I’ve ever seen.  Be sure to have the audio on so you can hear the instructions.
  • Scientists are pervs, Part One: Mary Roach, author of Bonk, with a funny (possibly NSFW) presentation on 10 things you didn’t know about orgasms.  Video after the jump (or view here)
  • Another candidate for the Best Shirt Ever pantheon: Rip Out Bear Adult T-Shirt.  Never bring only three wolves to a bear fight.
  • I want to chillax with this guy: “Fond du Lac police continue a fruitless search for a man wearing an ape costume who has attempted to steal foam banana displays from inside local gas stations.”
  • Vote for Tom Lennon or he’ll punch you in the dick. (NSFW language)
  • Are Patients in Universal Healthcare Countries Less Satisfied? Some great graphs here.
  • Picture Show: You Are What You Eat.  Mark Menjivar photographed the contents of other people’s refrigerators.  Yep.  He sure did.
  • Winners of Princeton University’s 2009 Art of Science photograph competition.
  • Notorious B.R.A.D.Y. (mashup by FuntToob)
  • How to make your own yogurt cheaply with stuff you probably already have.
  • You know Hippo Rollers, the water carriers that allow people in the third world to carry 5 times more water with less physical exertion?  Well Project H and Engineers Without Borders have improved the design, so now 250% more Hippo Rollers can fit in a shipping container
  • Scientists are pervs, Part Two: a probably NSFW article on the first 3-D ultrasound of an erect penis including this choice quote: “it’s the first time a gel matrix was used as an artificial vagina to allow for detection via ultrasound. […]With any luck, detection methods will allow for more and more erratic movement, and some time in the future, we may see ejaculation from the inside!”  . . . Dude.