ShamWow guy, Vince Shlomi, arrested in altercation with cannibal hooker

by Caleb Reading


You can see some pretty nasty pics of how badly the prostitute was beaten up here and a full gallery of pics at TSG.



Guess she didn’t love his nuts

The full report is at thesmokinggun, with a bullet point summarization provided by gawker:

  • Shlomi meets Sasha Harris in a Miami club. They go back to his hotel.
  • She propositions him for “straight sex.” He pays her a thousand bucks in cash.
  • He kisses her.
  • She “bit his tongue and would not let go.”
  • He punches her in her face repeatedly until she lets go.
  • He runs down to the hotel lobby.
  • They both get arrested.

I think the part about $1000 in cash shocks me more than the tongue-biting.