Kevin Spacey is NOT gay.

by Caleb Reading


Via queerty:

Totally not gay actor Kevin Spacey, with a guy who is totally not his boyfriend, finds himself drawn [to] The Big Penis Book, a coffee table tome featuring huge wangs.

If you want to see what the cover of the book looks like, you can view it on Amazon (then see what shows up in your recommendations on the mainpage while the boss is looking over your shoulder).  Here is an awesome review of the book on Amazon:

Oh dear. I am a 70 year old woman and I just happened across this big penis book in my son’s room. My son is 45 years old and still single. I think he might be gay. That said, his big penis book is now in my room under my bed. So now my 45 year old single son is probably gay and angry. Well, he should get a job anyway or at least go find some real penis and stop reading about them in books like this. Good Lord this is a big penis book. And I love a big penis. And so does my son, apparently. I give this book ten thumbs up. I can’t believe I never knew he was gay. He should get a job. Maybe as a dancer. Anyway, if you like a big penis, you will like this big penis book. Lord there are big penis’s in this book. I mean big. Oh dear.

I want to high-five whoever wrote that.  I love you, internet.