Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman spends $1000 on makeup, former classmate gives long account of her alleged pathological lying, and her second publicist quits, calls her “nuts”

by Caleb Reading


I haven’t been posting as much about this heifer lately ’cause I’ve been busy watching cute kittens fall over and playing Oregon Trail for free online, but some stories are too messed up to pass up.

Via TMZ:

We reported she made a modest purchase during a recent trip to MAC. Turns out she returned to the scene of the crime for moisturizer, primer foundation, powder, blush, lip stick, lip liner, clear lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, face wash, brushes, makeup remover… in the end, the total came to more than $1,000

Via dose.ca:

Now according to Nadya Suleman – the Octomom – she was a popular teenager who got good grades and was on the cheer leading squad. That’s not what her Nogales High School class mate Yvette Partida says. Partida claims that when she heard Suleman’s interviews. something just didn’t add up.

For one thing she was never a cheerleader. Partida knows this because she was. She wasn’t the A student she claims to have been either. Partida reveals that far from being an honour roller, Suleman would cheat on tests to pass, and once even got Partida herself into serious trouble. It was a science class quiz and Nadya kept pestering Partida to give her the answers. Afraid that the teacher would see and suspect her of cheating, she turned around and told Suleman to shut it. The teacher caught that and suspected Partida of cheating. Partida wound up with a zero on the exam.

Partida also goes on to point out that Nadya now looks nothing like the girl she knew. “She didn’t have those puffy lips for one thing”, Partida insists. In fact Partida claims that Suleman now looks totally different from the girl she knew[Ed- Suleman said in an interview that she never had plastic surgery.] Partida’s opinion is that Octomom has had a lot of plastic surgery!

So if Megamom Nadya Suleman wasn’t a some kind of Kim Possible in school what was she?? According to Partida, Octomom was a moody loner. “She never approached people” Partida says […] Partida also surmises that Suleman was a pathological liar. She bases this on the many lies Suleman told. For instance when Partida confronted her about the cheating, and asked her to go to the teacher to confess, Suleman refused to clear her friend. Suleman explained that of she told her mother – the school’s French teacher – would find out and punish her. Suleman claimed that her mother would make her go to live with her divorced father in Beverly Hills. There were only two things wrong with her story: her parents weren’t divorced at the time, and her father didn’t live in Beverly Hills.

Via nydailynews:

Greedy.  Needy.  Nuts.

The now former spokesman for Octomom Nadya Suleman went on a vicious tirade Sunday, using those choice words to describe the world’s most famous mother.

This woman is nuts,” said Victor Munoz, who resigned Friday. 

He is the second flack to resign since Suleman gave birth to the octuplets that thrust her into the media spotlight in January.

“Nadya got real greedy,” Munoz told Us Weekly on Sunday. “Not to sound arrogant, but those people depended on me for everything. You have no idea what I’ve had to do for these people.”


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