What the hell, Catholic Church?

by Caleb Reading


Just when I think the Catholic Church has sunk the lowest and scummiest they possibly can, they pull out a gold-plated, jewel-encrusted shovel and start digging the douche-hole deeper.


A 9-year-old girl who was carrying twins, allegedly after being raped by her stepfather, underwent an abortion Wednesday despite complaints from Brazil’s Roman Catholic church.

[…] Abortion is illegal in Brazil, but judges can make exceptions if the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has no chance of survival.

[…] “She is very small. Her uterus doesn’t have the ability to hold one, let alone two children,” Maia told the Jornal do Brasil newspaper.

But Marcio Miranda, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife in northeastern Brazil, said the girl should have carried the twins to term and had a cesarean section.

“It’s the law of God: Do not kill. We consider this murder,” Miranda said in comments reported by O Globo.

And how does she carry twins long enough to do a cesarean section without killing all three of them if her uterus is too small for even one fetus?  No, Miranda, it would be murder to force her to keep the pregnancy, because it would have killed her, too.  Then you’d still have two abortions and also a dead 9-year-old rape victim.  So much for sanctity of life.

Oh, but it gets even worse.

Via the BBC:

A senior Vatican cleric has defended the excommunication in Brazil of the mother and doctors of a young girl who had an abortion with their help.

Please note: the stepfather who raped a nine year old was not excommunicated.  Well at least Catholics are consistent in their love of pedophilia.  Excommunication is saying “I’m doing everything in my power to make sure you go to hell to be tortured forever.”  So of course the mother and the doctor who saved a 9-year-old rape victim’s life should be the ones excommunicated.  Of course.  How loving and logical and not disgustingly evil of them.

Brazil only permits abortions in cases of rape or health risks to the mother.

Doctors said the girl’s case met both these conditions, but the Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Jose Cardoso Sobrinho said the law of God was above any human law.

He said the excommunication would apply to the child’s mother and the doctors, but not to the girl because of her age.

[…] Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, himself a Catholic, said on Friday that he regretted what he described as the cleric’s deeply conservative attitude.

“The doctors did what had to be done: save the life of a girl of nine years old,” he said.

The girl, who lives in the north-eastern state of Pernambuco, was allegedly sexually assaulted over a number of years by her stepfather, possibly since she was six.

The fact that she was four months’ pregnant with twins was only discovered after she was taken to hospital in Pernambuco complaining of stomach pains.

Her stepfather was arrested last week, allegedly as he tried to escape to another region of the country.

He is also suspected of abusing the girl’s physically handicapped 14-year-old sister.

Correction: The stepfather who was raping a six year old and a handicapped 11-year-old for three years was not excommunicated.  But the mother and a doctor who saved the 9-year-old’s life were excommunicated.  Great priorities, Catholics.  Tell me again why you tithe to this criminal organization?