Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman article roundup: grandpa of babies on Oprah, ex-boyfriend wants a paternity test after giving sperm to her when she said she had cancer (WHAT?), mom and grandma give annoying joint interview

by Caleb Reading

You can read about what the grandfather said on Oprah at this link or this link.  I’ve only got one thing to say about it:

Look under your chairs.

Everybody gets a BABY!

YOU get a baby!

And YOU get a baby!

And YOU get a baby!


Via the LATimes:

Nadya Suleman’s ex-boyfriend has called for a DNA test to determine whether he’s the father of all 14 of her children.

According to L.A. Now, Denis Beaudoin told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday that he donated sperm to Nadya Suleman during their three-year relationship more than a decade ago.

He claims that she told him she had ovarian cancer and had to be inseminated to have children fast.

You mean she might have lied?  Noooo.  Impossible.  If she doesn’t have a Cluster B Personality Disorder, I will be completely amazed.

Via RadarOnline:

Now, in a RadarOnline.com world exclusive Nadya and Angela face-off on camera for the first time – and fireworks erupt! Angela denounces her daughter’s decision to have the in-vitro procedure that led to the octuplets and Nadya loses her cool and lashes out at her mother on this exclusive video.

They’re basically auditioning for a reality show in this video.  God Nadja’s voice is annoying, and she keeps interrupting her mom.  You know, that lady who is raising the first six kids and going bankrupt trying to take care of them when she says she didn’t even know Nadja was getting disability checks for three of the kids. Where did that money go?  Collagen can’t be that expensive.


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