More free (and legal) mp3’s from Deep Elm Records

by Caleb Reading

Deep Elm Records is offering another free album download with 15 songs, this month only.

Click here for the direct link to the album. Track listing below:

No. 2 (Various Artists)

01. Burns Out Bright – “Watership Down” from the album Distance And Darkness
02. Lock And Key – “2nd Quarter Broken” from the album No Fate
03. Slowride – “Panther 1” from the album Building A Building
04. Sounds Like Violence – “You Give Me Heartattacks” from the album The Pistol
05. Fire Divine – “Reputation Outlives Application” from the album It’s All A Blur
06. Planes Mistaken For Stars – “Staggerswallowswell” from the album Appleseed Cast / PMFS / Race Car
07. Benton Falls – “Trial And Terror” from the album Guilt Beats Hate
08. Brandtson – “You Do The Science” from the album Death & Taxes
09. Desert City Soundtrack – “Drawn And Quartered” from the album Funeral Car
10. Surrounded – “On Top Of The World” from the album Safety In Numbers
11. Settlefish – “Blindfold The Leaves” from the album Dance A While, Upset
12. Appleseed Cast – “Marigold & Patchwork” from the album The End Of The Ring Wars
13. Camber – “Expat” from the album Wake Up And Be Happy
14. Red Animal War – “When I Get The Feelin'” from the album Black Phantom Crusades
15. Sounds Like Violence – “Perfect” from the album The Pistol