Octo-Mamma Drama: the house is in default, TLC won’t offer them a show

by Caleb Reading

Via sacbee:

The house where the California mother of octuplets lives is under the threat of foreclosure, property records show.

A notice of mortgage default was recorded Feb. 9 against the Whittier home owned by Angela Suleman, the mother of Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets on Jan. 26. Nadya Suleman has lived in the home with her six other children, ages 2 to 7.

The default notice shows Angela Suleman is $23,225 behind in her mortgage payments, and the house could be sold at auction beginning May 5. The three-bedroom home was bought with a $453,750 loan in March 2006.

[…] In an interview earlier this week on CBS’s “The Early Show,” Angela Suleman said she wouldn’t have enough space for the octuplets when they are released from the hospital, and that she would have to help her daughter move into another home.

She said she already spends her entire retirement income caring for the six grandchildren who live with her.

Via the LATimes:

The president of TLC, the network that also features  “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” a show about a family with sextuplets, had previously indicated she was considering a Nadya Suleman show.

Now, they’ve changed their tune. On Tuesday Eileen O’Neill confirmed to Usmagazine.com that TLC would not work with Suleman.

Now they just need to cancel all their other shows that glorify and reward irresponsible behavior.  There.  I said it.


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