Nadya Suleman roundup: publicist quits, a “Christian-based talent agent” is hired, she goes shopping, and was her mom paid to badmouth her?

by Caleb Reading


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Alright, let’s get this over with.


The public relations group that represented octuplets mom Nadya Suleman is stepping down because of death threats.

Joann Killeen says her Killeen Furtney group provided free representation to Suleman for two weeks. In that time, it received hundreds of e-mails and voice mails threatening to harm Suleman or her publicists. Killeen says she was threatened with being thrown into a wood chipper or into the sea.

Next time I get mad at somebody I’m totally going to yell, “Bitch, I will throw you into the sea!”

Via NYDailyNews:

[…] Suleman is now being represented by agent Wes Yoder, who has also done work for evangelist Rick Warren.

[…] Killeen said Suleman told her she had struck an exclusive representation deal with Yoder, who bills himself as a Christian-based talent agent.

In addition to his work for Warren – the controversial pastor who spoke at President Obama’s inauguration – Yoder arranged book and music deals for the McCaughey septuplets a decade ago.

Christian-based talent agent?  What the hell is her talent?  Can she code?

Or does the talent have to be “Christian-based”?  Like she balances a cross on her nose?

Another article from NYDailyNews:

Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman was spotted Wednesday in California shopping for video games and was captured on film checking out the Nintendo Wii and its accessories.

As far as I know, she didn’t buy any, but why the hell isn’t she with her damn kids? Bitch, STOP SHOPPING, or I’ll throw you into the sea. [That was a joke, not a death threat, so you can put down the tally counter, Joann.]

Via the LATimes:

Nadya Suleman’s mom was paid to bash daughter?

[…] Joann Killeen, Nadya Suleman’s publicist, says that RadarOnline gave Angela Suleman $40,000 for the exclusive video chat.

According to LAWeekly, there’s now a gag order on Angela Suleman and she can’t talk about her daughter for three months.   While babysitting the six older kids for free and providing free housing.  So the gag order will be running out around Mother’s Day?  Nice.


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