Huge Nadya Suleman news roundup: more about the IVF clinic and Dr. Kamrava, nature of her older kids’ disabilities, the church she claims is helping her calls her a liar, she gets a manicure, and did NBC pay her $1.2 million?

by Caleb Reading


I can’t stand this hoe, obviously, but I hope this news story doesn’t distract us too much from the CEOs who took BILLIONS of our dollars and then immediately gave themselves each a bigger bonus than this woman made off disability in ten years.  Now on to the catty kvetch-fest about Nadya.


Via the NYPost:

DID the NBC network pay Octomom Nadya Suleman close to $1 million for coverage of the maniacal mother and her eight preemie babies? NBC vehemently denies it. But an insider told us, “Everything was filmed. The birth, everything. Then [Suleman’s people] said negotiations would start at $1.2 million for the video and pictures, which is when producers from Oprah Winfrey, ABC and CBS left the room. NBC stayed.” Our source suspects that NBC made a “donation” through an intermediary. Suleman gave Ann Curry the interview, in which she said a lonely childhood made her want to birth 14 kids with a sperm donor. An NBC rep said, “NBC News does not pay for interviews. We did not pay Nadya Suleman, or anyone who represents her, for our interview. We didn’t license a single photo or video from her or anyone who represents her. Not a dime. There is no deal with anyone at NBC Universal or NBC News.”

Ha.  They were probably expecting some huge bidding war, which doesn’t work so well when there’s only one bidder.  The ebay member who had to sell me this cool outfit for only a dollar found that out the hard way.

TMZ has photos of her buying a manicure.  Must be nice having money to burn and 14 kids being taken care of by someone else.  I’ve known parents with kids in the hospital.  Never seen any of them go get a manicure while the kid is in the hospital.  Just wow.

Here is a blog post by someone who also had IVF done by Dr. Michael Kamrava at the West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills.  Very interesting.  Here are are few highlights:

He never put me out during a couple of pretty painful fertility procedures. Later, when I finally changed fertility doctors, and learned what it was to have a great one, I found out that it is common practice to administer light anesthesia for a “twilight sleep” during certain fertility procedures. Also, he had a donor egg operation going on in the same office … a clear conflict of interest … and he was always pushing the donor egg option on me!

[…] After hearing about the octuplet mom, an office visit with Dr. Kamrava (early in my treatment with him) keeps running through my mind. I had already gone through two unsuccessful inseminations and, after weeks of fertility shots, his office was ready to schedule my first IVF. I think I had something like five eggs … not a lot, but enough for an IVF. As I was scheduling the procedure with the front desk, a nurse, whom I later discovered was Dr. Kamrava’s spouse, informed me that my particular insurance only covers the retrieval of two eggs, so I would have to come out of pocket right then and there for the other three eggs at $500 a pop. It didn’t make sense to me and I explained that my insurance covered fertility treatments at a lifetime max of $20,000. She pressed the issue and, not wanting to upset the apple cart and giddy about the possibility of finally becoming pregnant, I handed over my credit card. On my way back from his office in Beverly Hills to my office in West L.A., I decided I’d call my insurance company. Sure enough, the insurance company confirmed that there were no restrictions and that I was fully covered. When I called his office to report this and spoke to his billing person, she too insisted that the insurance would not pay to have all of the eggs retrieved. When I offered to get the insurance people on the line, the call was mysteriously dropped. Were they double billing … charging both me and the insurance company? I don’t know. I do know, however, that for my second IVF with him I had four eggs, but strangely enough, I was not charged that time for the “extra” eggs.

Via the LATimes:

Surprise! Seems Nadya Suleman wasn’t telling the truth about the Calvary Chapel Golden Springs helping her and her 14 kids financially, spiritually or otherwise.

[…] “We can say, however, that she is not personally known to our pastors or staff. And to the best of our knowledge, Ms. Suleman’s only contact with us was a minor inquiry regarding our Children’s Ministry.”

The church writes that although Suleman and her camp has commented that the church is in involved with the establishment of a foundation for donation distribution, providing her with financial assistance and helping her locate a new residence, it most certainly is not. “Our church is not involved in any of these activities,” the statement says.

Although the church does not condone in-vitro fertilization, it is pleased, however, that she did not choose to abort her fetuses.

Oh, so you mean she was claiming to be heavily involved in that church to weasel more donations out of sympathetic Christians, just like I said she was?

Speaking of “her church”, The Mirror writes:

She has not had sex since before she had her first baby by IVF seven years ago.

[…] Nadya insists: “I’m done having children now. My family is complete and I would not change anything.”

[…] They will spend another month in hospital, where one is having treatment for jaundice, before going home with her.

[…] “A lot of women have offered to help out. There are 50 or 60 through my church.” [You mean those people who say they don’t even know you?]

[…] She says: “I hope one day to get a bigger house, but I’m not in this for the money. [and then she goes on to explain how crowded the house is and how few belongings they have and how they don’t have a stroller for eight or a big enough van, et cetera, et cetera.  Subtle.]

[…] She acknowledges her life would be an almost impossible struggle without the sterling help of El Salvadorean nanny Aracelli. Nadya reveals: “I have her from Monday to Friday and pay her $500 (£350) a week. [Where is the money  for that coming from?]  “Aracelli’s very, very helpful. She works overtime, doing 12-hour days, and doesn’t ask for more money.

“The twins are two years old,” she says. “They don’t get along and are nothing alike. Caleb, the boy, has golden hair and blue eyes. Calyssa has dark hair and eyes. I made her name up, but I love biblical names.

“Elijah is seven, my daughter Amerah is six, Joshua Jacob – JJ – is five. Aidan, who is autistic, is three-and-a-half.” Elijah has attention deficit disorder while Calyssa has speech problems.

[…] She reveals: “I had no family with me at the birth. Only my friend Amira Smith. She videotaped it. “She got every baby being born, although there was an altercation with a nurse who put her hand in front of the camera. My older kids have watched the video.

[…] Nadya reveals she gave birth prematurely after just 30 weeks and three days because one of the babies stopped growing.  She says she went through with the early delivery because she was determined to ensure they all survived.  She says: “I couldn’t imagine sacrificing one baby. It had to be delivered.

Then it just goes on and on about her childhood after that.  I kinda nodded off.