Generic drug update: Imitrex, and a rant

by Caleb Reading

I already did an update on the Imitrex injections going generic, and an update about how ethical I think Treximet is (hint, I tagged that post “UNETHICAL TAINTBADGERS”).   How scummy is it that they jacked up the price on Imitrex and handed out Treximet rebates to try to force people to switch to the one still under patent?  They have no shame at all.  If the independant drug store I work at tried something like that, we’d get charged with racketeering or something, but when an insurance company, PBM, or big drug company does these things, it’s just the glorious invisible hand of the free market lovingly bending us over and removing our wallets, and we’re supposed to say, “Thanks for not also raping me while you were back there. This health care system is awesome.”

Anyway . . . we’re able to preorder generic Imitrex pills now.   If you’re on Imitrex injections or pills, ask if they have the generic in stock yet next time you have it filled.  There’s a good chance they’ll have both forms stocked soon.