by Caleb Reading

Father Ted

The begrudging of education continues.

Educated Catholics have sown dissent and confusion in the Church, claims bishop[. . .] University-educated Catholics are to blame for the crisis in the Church and the growth of secularism, according to the bishop charged with tackling the decline in Mass attendance.
Bishop O’Donoghue [. . .] says that he supports Catholics receiving a university education, but urges they should be “better-equipped to challenge the erroneous thinking of their contemporaries”.
Nicholas Lash, the former Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University, called the bishop’s comments “extremely grave”.
[. . .]
“Quite what constructive purpose could possibly be served by such irresponsible and wholesale scapegoating of the educated, I have simply no idea.”

Oh, I have some idea why they wouldn’t want parishioners with more developed critical thinking skills. They’re more likely to think child molesters should be put in jail, for starters. And maybe they can see that the Church’s stance on contraceptives, when implemented through fear in third world populations, results in a form of genocide. And maybe they still want to know why all the money raised to help people in Calcutta was by and large never spent in Calcutta.

You don’t think maybe the decline in attendance has something to do with appalling behavior at the top levels of the Church? No? It’s because someone read a textbook? Okay.