Wow, they REALLY don’t get me.

by Caleb Reading

Today in the mail I received something from the Iowa GOP (I’m registered as an independent). It’s a couple absentee ballots along with a picture of a smashed piggy bank and some choice quotes:

Even in hard economic times, Washington Democrats who control Congress have increased wasteful spending by 30%.

Whaaaaaaaat? Oh, the Democrats are to blame for the Iraq war now? Oh, wait, that’s not what they’re talking about:

$2,000,000 for brown tree snakes
$1,117,125 for cricket research
$1,527,220 for the Appalachian fruit lab
$295,470 for the International Peace Garden in Dunseith, ND
$211,000 for olive fruit fly research in Paris, France

Oh no, not biological research and conservation and a public garden. How totally OUTRAGEOUS. That’s less than $5.2 million dollars by the way. I read a statistic that the Iraq war is costing us $720 million every single day. So this OUTRAGEOUS spending over the last year amounts to about 10 minutes of the Iraq war.

These people really do not get me. Maybe they should mail absentee ballots to people who can’t do basic comparative math and think biology is of the devil.