I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance

by Caleb Reading

. . . by paying attention.

It seems like every car insurance raises your premiums bit-by-bit once you’re their customer, regardless of any changes in your circumstances that would make you less of a liability. They always seem to forget to pass on those savings to you. Of course, if you become more of a liability, they don’t forget to raise the rates.

I try to price shop for car insurance quotes about every other year, and I’m glad I did it this year. I very recently entered a lower-risk age bracket, and my credit score is a little higher now. My current insurer didn’t lower the price, of course. The bill was 9% higher than it was 6 months ago. I guess they didn’t think I’d notice 18% annual inflation. A lot of people would probably just pay the bill then complain about everything being so expensive these days, but I’m not willing to overpay just to have something to whine about. I shopped around instead.

The insurance I switched to (exact same coverage options) is 55% less than what I would have been paying if I just paid the bill for the other car insurance.

(Holy crap, I blog about some boring crap sometimes)