Free (and legal) mp3’s

by Caleb Reading
Scroll about 2/3rds down the page. There are 20 or 30 songs for free last time I checked.
Over 1,300 mp3’s for free here, with more added every weekday (usually 20 songs per week average). Lots of these are unreleased, and I think (not sure) most are recorded live when the band is interviewed by Daytrotter.
Not all the songs are available for download, but most of the artists listed have at least one song up for free download.
Click on “Bands” in the top left corner.  Pick a band. If the album cover at the top of the page says “NEW” on it there will probably be a free song available when you click on that album. It’ll say “FREE DOWNLOAD” in yellow print next to the song that’s not just a 30-second sample.  This is a record label for mostly indie rock and punk bands.


There’s also an older site — — with free songs. The site hasn’t updated in months and I don’t know how to get the songs to download in mp3 format. If somebody else knows how, please let me know.