Another rebranding: Zyrtec, but costs 1200% more

by Caleb Reading

Since Zyrtec went generic and OTC it was only a matter of time before they started selling one of its isomers as the new hotness (and the drug reps can tell you that Zyrtec is now DEADLY POISON).

The “new” drug is Xyzal. It’s the active isomer of Zyrtec.

At the store where I work, we sell OTC generic Zyrtec for about 25 cents per pill. The cheapest price we can sell Xyzal for without losing money is currently $3.00 per pill.

That’s right. It costs twelve times more. Because it’s freaking magical.

Surely it’s just a coincidence that they waited until Zyrtec went off patent to release this new wonder drug.

Here’s another guy as ticked off about it as I am: