How to lose $23 million in 11 years

by Caleb Reading


When hospital porter John McGuinness won £10million on the lottery, he thought his good fortune would never end.

Eleven years later, he is deep in debt, looking for a job and applying for a council house.

Thanks largely to a disastrous £4million investment in the lowly Scottish side Livingston FC, 44-year-old Mr McGuinness owes more than £2million and is about to have his house repossessed.

The Royal Bank of Scotland last month won a court order to take possession of the £500,000 family home and the father of four has reportedly been declared bankrupt over a £35,000 debt owed for a Porsche sports car which has now been seized.

The thing that gets me is that this guy gave about $6 million to his family and almost $1 million to charity, and yet it doesn’t sound like anybody wants to have anything to do with him now. I hope that’s not the case.