This lady rocks

by Caleb Reading

Via The St. Petersburg Times:

A house feels kind of lonely when the last of 800 kids is gone.
[. . .]
Now Maeietta is 78 years old. An unfamiliar stillness permeates the white and brick house north of Lake Maggiore. Maeietta’s house is empty for the first time. The kids – all 800 of them – are grown.
[. . .]
She became a foster mom in 1966. A church member nudged her to take in three girls, sisters. “Marilyn, Gloria and Clara, ” she said.
[. . .]
For 40 years, she helped raise “at least 800” children, said Laurallyn Segur, assistant director of licensing, placement and recruitment for the Safe Children Coalition. No one in Pinellas and Pasco counties has been a foster parent as long as Maeietta.

Even today, Maeietta cares for a 100-year-old woman at the College Harbor retirement community next to Eckerd College. Five days a week, she gives the woman breakfast, bathes her, tidies her house.