I have another hero

by Caleb Reading

Via philly.com:

If he so chose, he could be living in a Main Line mansion and driving a Mercedes. But he considers money and what he calls “stuff,” beyond what he needs to survive, a burden, an embarrassment.
“If capitalism is good, it should be good for the poor,” Taussig declares. “I invest in entrepreneurial efforts to help poor people leverage themselves out of poverty.”
“In a world gone mad with greed, he really believes in the common good,” says Bob Fishman, executive director of the nonprofit social service agency Resources for Human Development, who has worked with Taussig on several projects. “He doesn’t do it to say ‘I’m right and you’re wrong,’ but rather to show, in his own sweet way, that there’s another path. By his example, he gets all of us to think, ‘can’t I do more?'”

Taussig does not consider himself heroic or saintly.

“This is my way of finding meaning,” he says. “This is how I get joy out of life. The widening gap between the rich and poor is not sustainable. I fear there will be a violent revolution if we don’t find a solution to poverty in the world.”