“In God We Trust” now Florida’s official state motto

by Caleb Reading


TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) — “In God We Trust.” That’s now Florida’s motto under a bill that Governor Jeb Bush has signed into law.

The motto bill resulted from a school project by two fourth grade students who discovered there was no state law certifying “In God We Trust,” though those words have appeared on the state seal since 1868. The students approached Representative Greg Evers who introduced the bill.

Oh, yeah, I’m sure two fourth graders were just pouring over old state documents, like all fourth graders do, and found no official certification of a violation of the wall between Church and State. These fourth graders, being of sound mind and politically-activist disposition, decided to single-handedly bring the issue before the governor shortly before a midterm election, which is typical fourth grader behavior, of course.

I don’t know who I’m more pissed at: Jeb Bush for spitting on the Constitution for political gain, or the parents of those two fourth graders for exploiting their cuteness to undermine the Constitution. They’re all pimps, as far as I can tell.

Oh, and here’s what the governor vetoed at the same time:

One of the vetoed bills would have required the state to install guardrails or other barriers along canals and other water bodies in Miami-Dade County. The other would have required most notaries public to keep journals on their transactions.

I suppose when you trust in God, you don’t have to worry about falling into a canal or about corrupt business dealings.