Couple pretend they had sextuplets so they could get free stuff

by Caleb Reading

Via newsday:

The Eversons — Sarah, 45, and Kris, 33 — claimed to have given birth to four boys and two girls on March 8. The babies were apparently in intensive care.

The tale exploded in the local spotlight Monday when The Examiner in Independence ran on its front page a photograph of the couple holding six one-piece baby outfits and announcing the births.

Those who heard the Eversons’ sad story of tight finances set up a Web site to solicit contributions — including a van, washer and dryer, cash and gift certificates. A real estate agent was even working to find the family new housing.

I’m just surprised scams like this didn’t start happening much sooner, what with that family in my home state getting a van and about sixty grand worth of stuff for free just for having a shitload of kids all at once.  Hey, can we give some corporate sponsorships to a working poor person who’s working 45 hours a week at three part time jobs that don’t provide health insurance, and isn’t having kids yet out of a sense of responsibility, only to be told by our lovely government that they don’t qualify for health care because they haven’t popped out a kid yet?