Wow. Just . . . wow.

by Caleb Reading

Man rips up credit card application into about 20 little pieces. Then tapes it back together. Then fills it out with a different phone number and address. Credit card company doesn’t call old phone number to verify jack. New card with $5000 limit arrives in the mail to the new address listed on the ripped-up application.

Great identity theft protection, Chase. Oh, here’s the kicker:

On the Chase Website about protecting your identity, I learned that I should tear up financial solicitations that I am not interested in.

This was bad news. Maybe my card would never come.

I also checked the Federal Trade Commission website on protecting your identity.

They suggested that I “tear or shred” credit applications and other forms before discarding them.

In a few days, I’d know if tearing-up was really a good strategy.

It wasn’t.