Fox shows pastor blaming athiests for burnings

by Caleb Reading

Well, it was only a matter of time before the “liberal” media decided it wouldn’t hurt their ratings too much to blame athiests for the 9 churches that have been set on fire in Alabama.


The statement that they put out was concise and from one pastor. The pastor uttered the word, “atheist” and Fox ran with it.

I don’t know how edited the statement was but Fox found it important to get it out there. Pastor James Posey of the Star Missionary Church said, “This is not going to stop God’s work. Now, you can be an atheist if you want to. You’re going to find out that that is going to be to no avail. Because, God is in control.”

Police and FBI have been collecting evidence such as footprints and tire tracks. What they came up with is a dark or black SUV, possibly a Nissan Pathfinder with two white men in it. This vehicle with the possible suspects has been seen at several of the church fires. Liliegren said that officials think it is local and that the motivation is hate.
I think I know what message they want their audience to get, but shouldn’t a news service do a little more digging? Why is the word ‘atheist’ the only one offered in this segment? Should not the fact that the police are looking for a dark SUV with two white men in it and the fact that African American Churches are being targeted offer some other explanations as to what the motives might be? I’m no detective, but doesn’t race enter into anyone’s minds? At least it should be considered. CNN offered that the motivation might be race, it might be religion or it could be something else. Fox gave you their key word, atheist.

Since it’s two men that are suspects what are the odds Fox will eventually start hinting that they’re gay lovers, too?