If you give the idiot a quarter . . .

by Caleb Reading

Somebody on another site said this:

I bet a lot of girls would think twice about kids if they didn’t have a safety net waiting for them.

Below is my reply, which I decided to post here also:

I’d take your bet. I grew up in a town heavily populated with medicaid users. I’d bet a lot of girls don’t think once, let alone twice, about kids, safety net or no. There’d just be more babies in dumpsters and kids entering public schools with malnourishment-related permanent mental handicaps.

And people can call me a jerk for saying this, but I’m all for birth control being a condition of getting welfare. I’m also all for extending benefits to the childless for a change. I know all too well from working in a drug store that there are millions of young people out there who don’t have a hope in hell of going to community college or getting health coverage and help into habitat home until they start having kids they can’t afford. Oh, then they suddenly deserve a hand-up. But if they’re reproductively responsible? Not a chance. They can just die in the gutter for all our government cares.

Stupid people are going to have kids with or without a safety net. It’s the ones who fell on bad times after having all their kids and the ones smart enough not to have kids they can’t afford that would probably make the most out of the tiniest help extended to them. And yet we keep throwing money at the stupidest ones and complaining that they do something stupid afterwards. Well duh. An idiot with an empty hand doesn’t become a genius when you put a quarter in his hand. Now he’s just an idiot with a quarter. Soon to be an idiot with a gum ball.