There’s a sucker reborn every minute

by Caleb Reading

Via The NY Times:

It is time to pass the offering buckets at World Changers Church New York, and Troy and Cheryal Anderson are eager to give the Lord his due. They wave their blue offering envelope overhead, as all around them worshipers whoop and holler their praises to God.

Inside the envelope is 10 percent of the weekly pay Mr. Anderson takes home as an electrician’s apprentice – he earns about $30,000 a year – and a little more for the church’s building fund.

The Andersons, who live in the Bronx, are struggling financially. A few weeks ago, the couple, who have two young children, had no money to buy groceries. But they believe what their pastor, the Rev. Creflo A. Dollar Jr., said on this recent Saturday night about the offering time: “It’s opportunity for prosperity.”
Mr. Dollar, whose Rolls-Royces, private jets, million-dollar Atlanta home and $2.5 million Manhattan apartment, furnish proof to his followers of the validity of his teachings, is a leading apostle of what is known as the “prosperity gospel.”

Gee . . . what’s wrong with this picture? I mean besides the fact that Creflo junior and senior aren’t in jail yet.

I think they should change the name from World Changers Church to Money Changers Incorporated. Creflo senior can advertise it on late night TV right alongside his make-Creflo-rich seminar kits.

Seriously, what a jerk. Guilting three grand from a family of four trying to subsist on less than 30K in the Bronx and buying Rolls-Royces (plural), jets, homes. Comeupance couldn’t come soon enough.

Oh, it gets worse:

Mr. Anderson said he started to apply Mr. Dollar’s teachings on love at his job, trying to be more helpful to people. The couple also started to apply his teachings on tithing.

But just as they started to give, their children became sick, and the family began to fall badly behind on the bills. “Things went from bad to worse,” Mr. Anderson said.

A few weeks ago, they had no food and no money. A concerned neighbor, however, surprised them with groceries. Another friend offered winter coats for their children, ages 5 and 7.

The Andersons attributed the unexpected gifts to God’s provision and said they looked to the testimonies of others in the church for inspiration.

Uh, maybe you guys should thank your neighbors. You know, those kind people who didn’t want your children to freeze and starve to death ’cause you gave your money to Cref. Nah, it must be all the tithing that finally put coats on their backs. Every time Creflo gets a new Rolls Royce, some kid gets a secondhand coat and a can of beans. God bless us, everyone.