Free birth control for some, little American flags for others

by Caleb Reading

Something that has always ticked me off about Title XIX (medicaid): they usually don’t give a woman health coverage (including birth control) until after she’s already had one kid she can’t pay for. If you’re childless, good luck getting any sort of help in this country. There’s no planned parenthood office within reasonable walking distance (or even driving distance for that matter), so getting privately-subsidized birth control is a no go here. If someone can’t afford to shell out $25 or less per month on generic birth control how the heck could they afford to have a kid? We all know we’re going to be paying way more than $300 per year on any unplanned pregnancies.

Oh, right, I forgot the neocon attitude: if you’re a woman and you can’t afford a kid you should never ever ever have sex ever ever. Just say no, after all that’s what ended the war on drugs . . .