The American Taliban doesn’t want you advertising cars to no queers

by Caleb Reading


The conservative American Family Association said Thursday it will consider reinstating a boycott against Ford Motor Co. because the automaker plans to continue running advertisements in gay publications.
“We had an agreement with Ford, worked out in good faith. Unfortunately, some Ford Motor Co. officials made the decision to violate the good faith agreement,” AFA Chairman Don Wildmon said in a news release. “We are now considering our response to the violation and expect to reach a decision very soon.”

The AFA originally called for a boycott against Ford last spring but suspended it for six months at the request of a group of Ford dealers.

“All we wanted was for Ford to refrain from choosing sides in the cultural war, and supporting groups which promote same-sex marriage is not remaining neutral,” Wildmon said.

So if you’re keeping track at home, wanting to sell cars to us queers is “choosing sides in the culture war”. To remain neutral, we queers must be shunned forevermore. No selling cars to queers, dagnabbit. See, nobody gets hurt. Just bein’ neutral. Damn uppity queers messin’ up the perfect neutrality of it.