Ford reverses decision, AFA can take flying leap

by Caleb Reading

From the MSNBC article:

Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it would reinstate and expand the scope of its advertising in gay publications after criticism from gay rights groups.

Ford said in a letter it would restore advertising for its luxury Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications and run corporate ads marketing all eight of its vehicle brands in the publications. [This is actually an increase in advertising. They previously only advertised 4 vehicle brands in gay publications.]

“It is my hope that this will remove any ambiguity about Ford’s desire to advertise to all important audiences and put this particular issue to rest,” wrote Joe Laymon, Ford’s group vice president for corporate human resources.

Here’s a pdf file with the full letter from Ford if you’re interested:

Kudos to Ford.

So I guess AFA is going to reinstate their boycott. Their previous boycotts against Kraft and Disney failed miserably, so I doubt Ford needs to worry. Anyway, AFA might be too busy boycotting Wells Fargo for donating to GLAAD and boycotting Progressive Auto Insurance for donating to the ACLU and “their anti-Christmas agenda” (actual quote from )

Man, all that boycotting and they still have time to support a fellow hate group:

I guess this is why so many “Christian” groups are too busy to fight cuts in poverty programs:

When hundreds of religious activists try to get arrested today to protest cutting programs for the poor, prominent conservatives such as James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell will not be among them.
Conservative Christian groups such as Focus on the Family say it is a matter of priorities, and their priorities are abortion, same-sex marriage and seating judges who will back their position against those practices.

“It’s not a question of the poor not being important or that meeting their needs is not important,” said Paul Hetrick, a spokesman for Focus on the Family, Dobson’s influential, Colorado-based Christian organization. “But whether or not a baby is killed in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, that is less important than help for the poor? We would respectfully disagree with that.”

Are there many abortions being performed in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy?

Well, anyway, if you’re keeping track at home, remember: preventing two consenting adults from being legally wed is more important than helping a poor adult or child be kept warm and fed. Merry Christmas.