Ford meets with hate group, meets some demands

by Caleb Reading

Why, why, is it still okay in this country to humor hate groups as long as they hide their bigotry behind a false veneer of religion?

Via msnbc:

DETROIT – Ford Motor Co. said on Tuesday that its luxury Jaguar and Land Rover brands will no longer advertise in gay publications, but denied that the nation’s second largest automaker made the decision under pressure from conservative Christian groups.
Ford’s move came nearly a week after the Tupelo, Miss.-based American Family Association canceled a boycott of Ford vehicles that began in May, when the group criticized Ford for being too gay-friendly.

“We are ending the boycott of Ford,” association Chairman Donald Wildmon said in a statement Wednesday on the group’s Web site. “While we still have a few differences with Ford, we feel that our concerns are being addressed in good faith and will continue to be addressed in the future.”

Ford is now claiming that they didn’t negotiate with the AFA. Just three days ago, however, Ford’s spokesman admitted that they had met with the AFA.

Via The Advocate:

Moran would not give further details on any agreement between Ford and the AFA, nor would he confirm that such an agreement existed. “Some months ago we began a constructive dialogue with them, just as we do with all other customers and interest groups,” he said. “While we don’t agree on all issues, we expect the dialogue to continue so that we understand each other better.”

According to a list of demands on AFA’s Web site, the organization insisted that Ford and all of its brands stop donating cash, vehicles, and endorsements to gay social activities. This includes donations to pride celebrations and groups such as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. AFA says those groups have received contributions from Ford in the past.

Whether such sponsorship deals—in which Ford brands are given visibility by nonprofit groups and at LGBT events in return for donations—will continue, Moran could not say.

Why the hell did Ford even negotiate with these people for six months? Would they have met with neo-nazis to discuss pulling advertisements from BET, or met with Islamic fundamentalists to discuss pulling “Jew-friendly” ads? AFA is a hate group, Ford. Are you people retarded? Do you want to be seen humoring those bigots? This isn’t anything like “all other customers and interest groups” you meet with. This is like granting Louis Farrakhan an audience to discuss pulling advertisements from a Jewish interest magazine.

American “family” Association’s newsletter has a circulation of about 200,000, while there are millions of gays and allies who read the magazines Ford pulled ads from, and millions more who have heard about Ford’s actions and are ticked. Bad ethics, Ford, and very bad business decision. Hope perpetuating the hateful ignorance of Henry Ford was worth the hit your bottom line is going to take from this, you dumbasses. The targets of a hate group don’t like to see you buddying up with people who’d have us shuffled off to “Reparative Camps” if granted the power.