Walgreens steps up in the War on Science: I’m not done ranting yet

by Caleb Reading

I’m still pissed off about this and I’m going to rant some more.

PLAN B IS NOT AN ABORTION DRUG DAMN IT.  I just wanted to add that these pharmacists have never been asked to dispense an abortifacient, unless we’re talking about muscle relaxants. High doses of some muscle relaxants can cause miscarriage (which is why Quinine is no longer OTC). Are these pharmacists refusing to dispense muscle relaxants?  Are they pulling Vitamin C off the shelves of the vitamin aisle? Because these are infinitely more likely to cause a miscarriage than Levonorgestral is. The hypocrisy of these people is mindboggling.

Frankly, I refuse to believe these pharmacists don’t know exactly what Levonorgestral is, which means their refusal to fill Plan B is nothing other than victimization of women (often rape victims) for the political gain of getting mentioned on the news. It sickens me that a pharmacist would dispense levonorgestral as Ortho Tri-Cyclen and a myriad of other contraceptives but then turn women away on just one version of the drug because it’s a politically popular thing to do. Politics and popularity are not excuses to deny women health care.

In the years I have been a pharmacy technician, we have only dispensed one package of Plan B. To a rape victim. At the time, we were the only store in several counties that stocked Plan B. If we didn’t have it, that rape victim would have had to drive probably 100 miles one-way to find the drug, then 100 miles back home. If she didn’t have a car or gas money, does that mean she “deserves” to become pregnant with a rapist’s child? Some incompetent jerks and political pundits sure seem to think so. Or at least they seem to like to tell themselves that rape victims don’t really exist in circumstances like this . . . but they do.

Even if there had been a nearby pharmacy with the drug, think about what that woman was going through. Think about the message it sends when she gets up the courage to report the rape, only to be turned away by one of the few people she’s certain she could have trusted? Think about this. Turning her away, saying it’s “immoral”, making that holier-than-thou judgement on her, shattering that trust and making her feel dirty and to blame for her current situation, is victimizing her. Her health and her ability to trust us as healthcare providers greatly supercedes my opinion about a drug I’m not taking myself. Frankly, I don’t have a horse in that race. I’d be an absolutely disgusting human being unfit to work this job if I turned her away in a situation like this.