That’s one squeaky wheel

by Caleb Reading

Via broadcastingcable:

As expected, it turns out the spike in FCC complaints in July was mostly attributable to Parent’s Television Council. But just “how” mostly came as something of a surprise.

After a steep drop in indecency complaints at the FCC in second quarter 2005, the number bounced back in the third quarter.

For the three months ended Sept. 30, indecency/obscenity complaints quadrupled to 26,185 from 6,161 logged during the previous three months. Almost all of that spike came in July (23,547), with only 1,716 complaints in August and 922 in September.

According to PTC’s Web site, the group filed a total of 23,542 complaints in July (10,775 against Fox and 12,767 against ABC). That would account for all but five of the FCC complaints for the month. Let’s repeat that. Out of 23,547 complaints in July, PTC claims 23,542.