Someone get Katie Holmes a thesaurus

by Caleb Reading


Katie Holmes: We’re so excited.
Maria Menounos: Tell me like what it’s like: You’re pregnant [and] you are marrying the man you’ve always dreamed of.
Holmes: I know.
Menounos: It’s such a story book.
Holmes: It’s amazing. I’m so happy, it’s a dream come true. I feel great. I’m beaming and … I’m so excited. […]
Menounos: Have you guys started putting wedding plans together yet?
Holmes: We are. We don’t have a date just yet, but there is so much excitement going on. It’s just amazing.
Menounos: It’s your first wedding. I can imagine it’s going to be the biggest wedding ever.
Holmes: It’s exciting. We don’t know yet but we are thrilled.
Menounos: What’s Tom saying?
Holmes: He’s thrilled.

If you’re keeping score with your own home version of “Things Katie Can Say”, that’s Excited – 4, Thrilled – 2, Amazing – 2, and Beaming, So Happy, Feel Great, and Dream Come True all tied at 1. Better luck next time, Beaming…

She better add a thesaurus to her wedding registry. Using “excited” four times in the span of twenty seconds sounds a bit ingenuous. Just a bit. A smidgen. A dash. A mite. A trifle. I’ll stop now.