How many strikes are they at now?

by Caleb Reading

Via yahoo:

A 2-year-old was flown to a local hospital Wednesday after his arm got stuck in a meat grinder, NewsChannel5 reported.

Who leaves a meat grinder unattended where a toddler can reach into it? What kind of neglegent jerks would do that? Oh, this kind:

Police said this is not the first time inadequate supervision has resulted in injury to children at this house. In 2001, a 1-year-old boy was struck and killed by a car after running out of the house and into the street.

In 2002, a 4-year-old also was struck by a car outside the house. Police said the family covered up the incident from police. In both cases, the family engaged in the same stonewalling technique with investigators, police said.

NewsChannel5 also learned that a registered sex offender is living in the home.

The Westlake city prosecutor will rule on the case after the investigation is complete. The parents could face possible child endangering charges.

Could face charges? COULD face charges? How many kids have to have permanently-disfiguring or fatal “accidents” before charges will be filed?