Emigrant gives $1000 to Katrina victim customers

by Caleb Reading


In response to the tremendous devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, EmigrantDirect, the Internet banking division of Emigrant Savings Bank, is taking the unprecedented step of giving each and every one of their customers in the most affected counties and parishes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, a gift of $1,000 per household. The funds have already been deposited directly into their customers’ EmigrantDirect.com American Dream Savings accounts and are available for immediate withdrawal.

Emigrant Savings Bank Chairman and CEO Howard P. Milstein, stated, “We believe that no one is in a better position to identify and tend to the needs of Hurricane Katrina’s victims than those who have survived the storm themselves and who call the communities of the Delta region home. We recognize that to some of our customers $1,000 will offer a meaningful amount of support. To others more fortunate, in the wake of the disaster, we would encourage those customers to donate these funds to others in their communities less able to rebuild on their own.

If you know anybody in those states with an Emigrant Direct account, tell them to check it. I already know of one person who found an extra $1000 in his account this morning.