The pets of Katrina

by Caleb Reading

The pets that had to be left behind at the buses departing New Orleans have been taken to “the LSU Agricultural Barn (Parker Center, aka Swine Palace) and the Vet School, except for the horses which are at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. They are being cared for by the LSU Vet School staff and students and volunteers. They are accepting donations of food, pet supplies, treats, and money. Animals refused on the buses were transported to LSU. They are well cared for.”

Pet Shelters LSU 1-800-928-5862

Pets Shelter LSU Parker Col. 1-225-578-6111

If you can’t get a line in, keep trying. It’s hard to get a phone ciruit.

The pets are being cared for, and you can donate to the effort if you like:

“NOTE: Rumors that we have run out of room are NOT TRUE. We have plenty of space and are still accepting animals. We will remain in operation as long as necessary to reunite as many people and pets as possible.”