What. Ever.

by Caleb Reading

A patient got a prescription with a cash price of $360. Her copay was $25. She started yelling at the clerk, who is “part-timed” and makes about $6 an hour with no benefits, meaning no employer-subsidized health insurance with which to get a $360 prescription for a copay of only 7%.

When the clerk pointed out the $360 cash price on the label, next to the copay price, without even skipping a beat the customer continued yelling at the clerk. Now what is the clerk supposed to do? Say “Oh well let me give you 5 hours pay out of my own pocket because paying 7% of the cost of a prescription I’ll probably never have access to is just so totally unfair, you poor thing. Thanks for rubbing my nose in how fortunate and ungrateful you are while also being cruel to me. You rock.”