Where the untaxed income went

by Caleb Reading

Via NBC5:

New Megachurch Opens On Chicago’s South Side
Facility Cost $50 Million to Build

Church officials said the 203,000 square-foot complex, called the House of Hope, is the third largest church in the country. It’s also one of the largest indoor centers in Chicago, second in size only to the United Center.

The $50 million facility boasts regulation-size basketball courts, a TV studio and a $1.4 million sound system.

It also has two locker rooms and a “cry room” where parents with babies can watch sermons on flat-screen TVs.

The “House of Hope”. Yeah, as in “I was hoping they would use that money for something less ostentatious.” But screw the poor. Jesus wants a flat-screen TV, bumpin’ speakers, and a game of horse.