I’m going to sound like a jerk for saying this but…

by Caleb Reading

A lot of people are complete idiots with their money, and seem to think creating emergencies like a dumbass is something rebellious and cool.

On my 18th birthday I took a break from work to walk to the bank and put $2000 into a Roth IRA, and have been putting in the maximum every year but one since then. I’ve been telling my friends (like the jerk that I am) to find something, however small, to put into a Roth, because you have very limited chances to take advantage of these things, but they just roll their eyes or immediately start in on the I-cants. Yeah, you just have to buy the John Hughes collection on DVD instead. If you don’t get to watch The Breakfast Club on demand, you’ll just die.

I swear some people are just addicted to misery, intentionally creating financial emergencies and failures for themselves. People that choose to be a rain guage, not having a purpose unless it’s storming.

But they do have a bunch of crap movies on DVD. So, that’s something.

And, no, I won’t lend you money, but I will help you set up a half.com account so you can sell some of those DVDs you never watch anymore.  Oh, you don’t want to do that?  Because it requires more effort than bitching, asking for cash, then avoiding the people you owe money to?  I’m not so sure about that.  Being a perpetual disaster area seems to be a full-time job.