Psychotic kid, and the mom’s an enabler

by Caleb Reading

Via newscenter:

A teenage boy has been charged with booby-trapping a snowmobile trail last weekend by stringing fishing line across the trail at head height.

Another story on this I read said it was braided fishing line*, no less. 5 lb. test line could kill someone on a fast-moving vehicle, but braided line is practically guaranteed to.

The youngster is charged with reckless conduct, but his mother said the incident has been blown out of proportion
Three snowmobilers found the fishing line Sunday evening. It caught one of them in the facemask and pulled his head backward, but he was not hurt because he was slowing down.

And if he hadn’t been going slowly? Or been hit in the neck instead of the facemask?

And some priceless quotes from the mombie:

“But I feel this has gone way beyond where it should,” she said. “It was just two kids who stupidly put up the fish line. They didn’t want to hurt anyone.”
“My son realizes he made a stupid, stupid mistake,” she said. “It will affect him the rest of his life. Kids do kid things, and the kids are going to suffer for it. I’m very upset childish pranks get taken so far.”

Putting braided fishing line where it could easily garrotte necks, crush windpipes, and slice open jugular veins is not a “kid thing” to do, lady. Your son is psychotic. Attempted murder is not a “prank”. He’s a teenager, not a five-year-old. I knew long before my teen years that braided fishing line along a snowmobile path could hurt someone. “They didn’t want to hurt anyone” my ass. They strung braided line at head height.

The caption here points out that it’s braided line.