The big scam going on in my industry right now

by Caleb Reading

I don’t know if you other pharmacy care employees are going through the living hell dealing with Title XIX right now that all of us in Iowa are, but here’s how to do a one month override so you can give the patient the much cheaper generic instead of the not-in-inventory, incredibly expensive, brand name, here’s what you do:

Go to whichever screen you can input the Prior Authorization code. Type the following code: 80000000000 (that’s 10 zeroes)
This will give you a one-month override. With one-shot deals where the brand name would cost tax payers a huge amount of money (diflucan, for example), please do this if Title XIX is demanding you waste taxpayer money. Another example is Amoxil 875. We can’t even get that from our supplier (manufacturer out), yet Title XIX tells us we have to use it instead of the generic. Sure, I’ll just yank some overpriced Amoxil 875 out of my magic hat here. Stupid stinkin’ government.

Can you believe this?

The “Brands preferred over generics” list is especially insane. ACCUTANE!? That’s more expensive than the generic by about $500 per month, and IT’S FOR ACNE! Diflucan!? The generic of that costs the state about thirty times less per pill. Somebody’s getting one monster kickback. Oops, I mean “rebate”.

We’re kicking around the theory here that the drug companies are giving kickbacks because they’re desperate to increase market share statistics (to help artificially boost the stock price). Or, more likely, our wonderful politians are intentionally inflating the cost of the medicaid/title XIX programs so they have an excuse to scrap the drug plan for seniors. “Sorry, seniors, the drug plan is just too expensive. Look at these numbers. Nevermind they’re that high because we made drug stores dispense incredibly overpriced brand names instead of affordable bioequivalent generics. Nevermind the monster ‘rebate’ I got from major drug companies.”

If you think that this doesn’t affect you because this is Iowa’s program, keep in mind that we are probably being used as a test case for all of the states.

If someone posts about the huge increase in medacaid/title XIX program costs and blames it on the senior drug program please keep this post in mind. Look at this list (NOTE: PDF FILE) and tell me that this makes sense: