A Reverend who gets it.

by Caleb Reading

Via Savannah Now:

COSTA MESA, Calif. ā€” Some parents and parishioners have accused the Roman Catholic diocese in Orange County of violating church doctrine by allowing a gay couple to enroll their children in a church school.

The group demanded that St. John the Baptist School in Costa Mesa accept only families that pledge to abide by Catholic teachings, the Los Angeles Times reported in Sunday’s editions. Church doctrine opposes gay relationships and adoption by same-sex couples.
The Rev. Gerald M. Horan, superintendent of diocese schools, said that if Catholic beliefs were strictly adhered to, then children whose parents divorced, used birth control or married outside the church would also have to be banned.

Nah, those other rules don’t matter. We only need the ones the parents decide via concensus.

This is priceless:

“The boys are being used as pawns by these men to further their agenda,” said Monica Sii, who has four children at the school.

Um. Right. I’d just love to go out and adopt two orphans who need a home and be a full time parent and provider to them for the next 18 years minimum so I can, uh, further an agenda, um, somehow. Makes perfect sense. Hey Monica, are your four kids from an orphanage, or did the gay guys take the last two orphans on earth?