This is too rich.

by Caleb Reading

So I was sending an email to my local Senator and my local Representative (futile, probably, but I do it anyway). One is Republican. The other is Democrat. When you send them an email you are required to pick a topic area to classify your email under. It was a Civil Rights email, and I quickly found “Civil Rights” on the list for the Democrat’s email classification system. Then I tried to find “Civil Rights” on the Republican’s classifications list. Wasn’t there. Then I looked for just “Rights”. Not there. “Human Rights”? Nope. “Civil Liberties”? “Liberties”? Nope on both. I looked through the entire list, and the closest things I could find were “Judiciary” and “International Human Rights.” (Oh, so Domestic Human Rights don’t matter?). I sent it as “Judiciary” because I figure there’s a better chance of it being read that way. Ugh.