Public Service Announcement: You can’t sell babies door-to-door

by Caleb Reading

A Milwaukee woman was arrested early Wednesday for trying to sell her 6-day-old baby girl to a neighbor for $10, Milwaukee police said.
Officers found the suspect, the newborn and a 1-year-old daughter, living in an apartment strewn with spoiled food and no refrigerator or stove, he said.

Denise Revels Robinson, director of the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, said Wednesday the children were being given a health screening. She said it’s believed the baby was born Oct. 7. The other child was born Jan, 24, 2003, she said. There were no visible signs of abuse on the children, she said. They were placed in foster homes.

This morning, a social worker will go to Children’s Court to seek a petition declaring the children in need of protection, she said.

Although information was still being compiled on the case, Revels Robinson said she understands the woman has three other children who are living outside the state with relatives.
The suspect, who was extremely intoxicated, knocked on her neighbor’s door shortly after midnight and asked if “she wanted to buy some property for $10,” Henning said. The neighbor asked what she was talking about and the woman offered her baby for sale.

Minutes later, the woman showed up again, this time with the baby.

Why the hell wasn’t this heifer offered a free hysterectomy after the first of the five kids she couldn’t take care of were born?