And the media says she “won”

by Caleb Reading

Via The State:

A Wiccan wins one in South Carolina
[. . .]
Largely out of curiosity, she began attending monthly meetings of the town council. Usually fewer than a dozen citizens showed up.

The meetings always opened with prayer. Everyone would stand and bow his head. Typically, one of the councilmen would ask “our heavenly Father” to guide them to beneficial decisions. “In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”

Wynne tried to show respect, but she grew increasingly uncomfortable. She asked Mayor Henry Clayton Starnes for a nonsectarian invocation. He refused. She suggested a rotation of local ministers. No way.
[. . .]
Finally she brought suit in U.S. District Court, not for money damages, but for an injunction against patently sectarian invocations.

She won the case, but what that article failed to mention is this:

After she won the case, her cat was gutted and killed (!!!), her house was vandalized, and she’s been snubbed by many in her own community. If that’s “winning”, I’d hate to see what that paper considers “losing”.