Mormon dogma contradicted by DNA testing

by Caleb Reading

Via Suntimes:

Southerton’s work examines church teachings that American Indians and Polynesians have a historic bond with ancient Israelites. While the question of whether such a connection exists may seem like an arcane theological point to outsiders, to some Mormons, a reinterpretation would be startling and disturbing.
On its Web site, the church declares, ‘Recent attacks on the veracity of the Book of Mormon based on DNA evidence are ill considered. Nothing in the Book of Mormon precludes migration into the Americas by peoples of Asiatic origin. The scientific issues relating to DNA, however, are numerous and complex.’

Southerton remains unconvinced by their arguments.

He said that, given the state of DNA research and increasing lay awareness of it, church leaders ought just to own up to the problems that continued literal teachings about the Book of Mormon present for American Indians and Polynesians.

Next he’ll be trying to tell the mormons that bigfoot not only doesn’t exist, but he’s also not the biblical Cain still wandering the earth.