Forehead-slap time

by Caleb Reading

Via Sun-Sentinel:

Three Tampa city council members walked out of chambers rather than listen to an atheist give the opening invocation.
“We have never had people of an atheist group represent Americans,” White said.

Because it would be wrong to have an atheist representing Americans. That would imply that there are actually atheists in America . . .

“I just can’t sit here and listen to someone that [sic] does not believe in a supreme being,” Alvarez said.

Atheists have to sit through ceremonial religiousity in numerous public settings. But I bet this woman would get in a huff if an atheist walked out on a speech of hers saying “I can’t sit here and listen to someone who believes in a supreme being.”

“I think this is sending us in the wrong direction,” Ferlita said.

Yeah. Including people regardless of religious faith or lack thereof is so totally not what our country was founded on.  It’s not like those atheists pay taxes or something.

“I certainly don’t agree with having an atheist come for the invocation,” she said. “I think the invocation is a time for the council to start their day with an expression of faith.”

No. An invocation is used to start a city council meeting. Official government meetings are for official government business. Express your friggen faith at home, not on the taxpayers’ time and the taxpayers’ dime.

WHY is this so hard for so many people to get?