The answer is No and also you’re an idiot

by Caleb Reading

From an advice column at Salon:

About three months ago, we had a “condom incident” and I told him I would go get the morning-after pill the next day. I forgot to do it and basically lost the window. I told him I got busy and it slipped my mind, but I realized in my heart that I wanted to get pregnant. When he found out that I didn’t get the pill he was livid, he said he would want me to get an abortion if I was pregnant, that he wasn’t ready for kids, that things are finally going right for him and he doesn’t want to mess it up.
Is it ever OK to “accidentally on purpose” get pregnant? To just forget to take the pill and see what happens? He agrees that he wants kids; he just won’t commit to any kind of time frame and I think he would actually be thrilled if it really happened. What about when you know someone really well, and you know that a lot of times they need some extra push to get them to commit to the unknown?

Not Yet Kind of Pregnant

Dear “Not Yet Kind of Pregnant”,

Bitch, I will stab you.